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Watercolor and Gouache

Watercolor on yupo 'paper' is an exciting exercise in unpredictability.  Yupo is made from recyclable polypropylene and don't act at all like paper. The paint can be moved around on this surface and since it isn't absorbed, can even be wiped away before it dries.

Gouache paint gives a result that is similar to watercolor, but more opaque.  It is a good medium to use in a study on paper before a larger oil or acrylic painting is attempted.   

Shades of Iris 16x17  Watercolor on Yupo

ShadesOfIris_ copy.jpg

Wild Cumberland  19 x 16  Watercolor on paper   Sold


Garden's Edge  13 x 16  Gouache on paper   Sold


Rebloom  17x16  Watercolor on Yupo


JU duPont Plaza  20x18  Gouache on paper  Sold

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