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Silk Screen Prints

Perhaps my favorite form of printmaking, I make my screens by stretching the silk-like fabric on wooden frames. I then draw a design onto the screen and paint it with a drawing fluid.  I scrape a liquid filler across the screen and this blocks all areas I don't want to print.  Once I wash away the drawing fluid, I'm ready to go.  I squeegee the ink over the screen and the open patches allow the ink through to create my print.    

Octopus   26x20   Silk Screen print on paper


Leo Pard  28x23  Silk Screen on paper   Sold


Dutch Treat  32x28  Silk Screen on paper


Dancing Flower  15x19   Silk Screen on paper

This is the beginning of my orchid series, with a study of the aptly named Dancing Lady Orchid.  I printed numerous times to represent the motion of a dancer.

Dancing Flower_edited.jpg

Dancing Flower  33x14  Silk Screen on paper


Dancing Flower  38x19  Silk Screen on paper

Orchid Cotillion_edited.jpg

Orchid Carnival  38x19  Silk Screen on paper

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