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These engravings were etched onto plexiglass, inked, and printed by pressing the plate and paper through a print roller.

Been Warned   12x12  Engraving on paper

Illustration of "She'd been warned but now it was too late".  This is my imagining my daughter at work surrounded by bad guys.

*Selected for 2016 JU Student Juried  Art Show

Honorable Mention for JU President's Award


JU Treasures  11x14  Engraving on paper

Illustration of phrase, "She knew he was the one."  Dr. Fran Kinney was provost at Jacksonville University when she took young Artis Gilmore under her wing.  It was the start of a lifelong friendship.


Atlantic Beach Drive  13x15  Engraved Monoprint on paper

Illustrating the lush pink grass lining the entrance to Atlantic Beach Country Club, hinting at the creek and trees near the street. Instead of using a smooth plate of plexiglass, I used one engraved with details of the foliage.

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